[phpBB Debug] PHP Warning: in file [ROOT]/viewtopicviewers.php on line 81: Use of undefined constant TOPICS_VIEWERS_TABLE - assumed 'TOPICS_VIEWERS_TABLE' (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)
Erreur générale

Erreur générale

SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Table 'forum_service_b.TOPICS_VIEWERS_TABLE' doesn't exist [1146]


SELECT u.user_id, u.username, u.username_clean, u.user_type, u.user_colour, v.user_id, COUNT(v.user_id) AS nb, MAX(v.date) as date FROM phpbb3_users u, TOPICS_VIEWERS_TABLE v WHERE u.user_id = v.user_id AND v.topic_id = 14093 GROUP BY v.user_id ORDER BY u.username_clean


FILE: (not given by php)
LINE: (not given by php)
CALL: msg_handler()

FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/driver.php
LINE: 997
CALL: trigger_error()

FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/mysqli.php
LINE: 193
CALL: phpbb\db\driver\driver->sql_error()

FILE: [ROOT]/phpbb/db/driver/factory.php
LINE: 329
CALL: phpbb\db\driver\mysqli->sql_query()

FILE: [ROOT]/viewtopicviewers.php
LINE: 86
CALL: phpbb\db\driver\factory->sql_query()

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